tisdag 27 mars 2012

Tvärvetenskaplig miljöforskning -- hur?

Den 17 april sker nästa seminarium i den samhällsvetenskapliga fakultetens miljöseminarieserie



Cross-disciplinary environmental science?
Perspectives from the natural and social sciences

Prof. Sverker Jagers, Dept. of Political Science, Luleå University of Technology
Prof. Johan Rockström, Stockholm Resilience Center, Stockholm University
Prof. Mats Widgren, Dept. of Human Geography, Stockholm University

April 17, 14.00-16.00
Venue: DeGeer-salen, Geovetenskapens hus
This inaugural SUES Symposium is the devoted to the central issue of cross-disciplinarity in environmental studies. Each panelist is awarded about 15 minutes to present their views on the topic of the symposium, after which a discussion between panelists and the audience will follow

The Stockholm University Environmental Social Science Seminar (SUES) seeks to provide a platform for transdiciplinary discussions among social science scholars at Stockholm University interested in environmental issues broadly conceived. SUES features talks by invited speakers as well as presentations of ongoing social science environmental research carried out at Stockholm University.  Thematically, the seminar addresses contemporary as well as emerging theoretical debates and methodological discussions within social science environmental studies. The seminar series is open to anyone with an interest in social science perspectives on environmental issues.

For questions and suggestions for future seminars, please contact Andreas Duit andreas.duit@statsvet.su.se

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